Thursday, July 30, 2015

Walla Walla Area Suffers From Fire

At one time, the nation's largest wild fire, reports are that the Blue Creek fire east of Walla Walla is over 70 per cent contained.  The fire, which started July 20th, is reported to have destroyed one home and to have caused evacuations.  11 people are reported to have been injured in the blaze which is reported to have been caused by man.  The fire is in the Blue Creek-Klicker Mountain area, Klicker Mountain is named after a family that has farmed wheat and fruit in the area for generations.  Firefighters from across the nation have lauded the community for it's support with restaurants like Mr. Ed's providing community sponsored free meals for them.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mariners execute a 3-6-2 triple play

Mariners looked for a minute last weekend like they could turn the corner on the season, taking two of three from the Toronto Blue Jays.  Here is a very rare triple play they pulled off Sunday.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Legendary Seattle Writer Ann Rule

Seattle True Crime Writer Ann Rule has died after suffering from heart related problems.  Rule wrote over 30 true crime book including "The Stranger Beside Me"  An account of the murderous crimes of Ted Bundy, with whom she had worked with at a Seattle Suicide Hotline.  Perhaps the greatest true crime writer of all time, my guess is that she was an inspiration to my Cousin Burl Barer, himself a writer in the genre.
A former Seattle police officer, Rule was 83.

Congrats To Randy Johnson

Randy Johnson, who threw the Mariner's First No-Hitter, and was it's first 20 game winner, has been inducted into the Baseball Hall Of Fame.  Johnson retired with a 130-74 record and a 3.42 ERA.

Sly and the Family Stone Hot Fun In The Summertime - 1969

Another great song of the season
e as Draft

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Ken Levine Writes Dick Van Dyke

Last Monday, comedy writer and popular blogger Ken Levine undertook a unique project.  He posted in 4 successive days, a script for an episode of the 1960s comedy Dick Van Dyke show that he would have written.  In other words, a fantasy episode.  It was written as if it were the early 60s when the show took place.  I was really impressed and entertained with how the episode turned out.  To see for yourself, click here    Actual shows that Levine has written for are MASH, Frasier, and Cheers.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Seattle Storm's Sue Bird To Start WNBA All Star Game

Sue Bird, who has helped the Seattle Storm win 2 WNBA championships, will start in the league's 2015 All Star Game. From my standpoint, Bird embodies every you would want in a professional athlete, she has played for Seattle her entire career, she is an Olympic Gold Medal winner and when she does get attention, it's for what she does on the court.
Bird has played for the Storm for 14 years.

Friday, July 24, 2015

New Lincecum Bobblehead

I got a new Tim Lincecum bobble head from the Giant Hurler's dad, Chris.  Chris is a frequent customer at The UPS Store in Crossroads in Bellevue.  Tim Lincecum is a two time Cy Young Award winner, a three time World Series champion and has so far, pitched 2 no hitters.

Thursday, July 23, 2015